Wedding FAQ’s:

We know that you’ve dreamed about your perfect wedding your entire life…It is as important for you to partner with the right travel agent as it is to pick the right partner to marry! We are very proud to be a certified Destination Weddings agency. You will be assigned your own personal agent, as well as the owner of the agency, Greg Everhart. You will NOT get a call center or a different person every time you call. These two experts will handle all the arrangements from beginning to end so that this is a joyful, FUN experience. We will give you our office numbers, cell numbers and email addresses to reach us.

Our agents have collectively traveled to hundreds of resorts and taken numerous cruises to ensure that we can find the PERFECT place to make all your dreams come true. We’ve checked out the beaches, the service, the rooms, the food, the pools, the spa, the ships and ports, and everything in between so that we can share our pictures and our experiences with you first hand. We’ve talked to the wedding coordinators and toured all over the resorts paying attention to all the little details that you are going to want to know. We are pleased to have an agent from Riviera Mexico who lives there and is an expert on our favorite spots in the area, as well as being bi-lingual. He can be available for weddings held in the area resorts and to our Spanish speaking clients. At Sunshine Tour and Travel, we understand that you are not only trusting us with your ceremony, but also your honeymoon and travel arrangements, AND a promise that your friends and family who come to witness your wonderful day will be taken care of from start to finish. We will gladly take care of everyone so that you only have to pack your bags and enjoy your adventure!

Another unique feature of Sunshine Tour and Travel is that we have extended office hours so that we can be available when it’s convenient for you. We are basically open 6 days a week, about 12 hours a day, and in many cases, on Sundays too. We do not want you to have ANY stress during this process, that is why we handle everything for you and keep your best interest in the forefront of our planning- from researching and guaranteeing the best value, to giving you choices of locations that best suits your ideas, to getting the most complementary concessions we can arrange and more. We have even gone the extra mile to attend weddings of our clients, at their request, and if this is something that would ease your mind (since we will all be great friends before this is over), we will do our best to accommodate you. We want your entire wedding party to have the time of their lives and go home feeling relaxed and joyful at being part of your special occasion. We truly LOVE what we do and it won’t take you long for you to believe it.

Some frequently asked questions from our couples!

Let us take a moment and answer some of your most frequently asked questions, and if your question is not addressed here, please reach out to us and we gladly answer it for you.

How do I secure my wedding date?

We contact the resort for you and handle communications and arrangements to secure the date.

Do you charge for your services?

No, our clients are not charged any fees for our services, the fees are covered by the resort.

How much is my deposit and how does that work?

A minimal deposit is required to hold your block of rooms. We send your requested dates to numerous suppliers to get you the lowest price and the best concessions possible.

Can I visit the resort ahead of time for a wedding preview before I make my decision?

Yes, we can arrange a pre-wedding tour of the resort you are interested in having your ceremony. In most cases we can arrange a reduced rate for your stay, and in some cases a reimbursement is offered if you book your wedding there. The tour includes bridal activities such as cake tasting, wedding venue tour and a meeting with the wedding coordinator.

Who takes care of the flowers and music and details?

All arrangements are orchestrated with a personal wedding coordinator from the resort, who will work with you to make sure your exact specifications are followed.

What happens if I book too many rooms and don’t need them all?

When we arrange rooms, we have an agreement to drop un-booked rooms within a set time with no penalties.

What happens if I don’t book enough rooms and need more?

We will contact the resort and add more rooms if available.

What happens if the weather is bad the day of the wedding?

The resorts all have contingency plans with other beautiful inside venues that can be decorated with your specified colors and décor.

Can I legally get married in a foreign country?

It is possible, although each country has specific rules that we can advise you of, however, most brides choose to do a symbolic wedding at the resort, and host a small informal wedding back home before departure so that family and friends who are unable to travel can still share the wedding ceremony.

Can I get married on the beach but have a reception somewhere else in the resort?

Of course, this is your big day and we can arrange anything you want.

Does my family have to stay the entire week if I do?

No, we can customize each guest’s stay according to their desired length of stay.

Will we book their flights too?

We will be happy to make flight arrangements for your guests if they would like.

Who will be available at the resort for last minute issues?

There will be an onsite wedding coordinator that you will meet with upon arrival and have contact with throughout the process of planning. We will also be available 24/7 during your stay, via cell phone, office phone, FaceBook messenger, text and email in the unlikely event that an issue arises.

Do you have to pay for children at the resorts?

Sometimes there is a charge for children, depending on the age of the child and the resort where you stay. In most cases it is a reduced amount.

What does all-inclusive mean?

All inclusive means your food, drinks, and gratuities are all included. Most resorts have some water activities, limited spa services, exercise classes and nightly entertainment included as well.

Do we provide transfers?

We can arrange transfers to and from your resort and include in the cost of your trip.

Are hair and makeup services available at the resort?

Yes, it can be included in your wedding package and we can arrange that for you.

Are there group activities that can be arranged?

Yes, there are many excursions that we can plan for the bride and groom, the bridal party, or the entire group: Golfing, deep sea diving, eco park, Tulum exploration, swim with dolphins, sunset catamaran and more!

Can you help me notify my friends and family of the wedding/trip details?

Yes, we can help you create a Facebook page or an email to send to your invited guests so they will have all the information of your upcoming event.

Can I get married on a Cruise Ship?

Yes, we can arrange for you to get married and enjoy your trip with friends and family, or just have a quiet honeymoon for the two of you.
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